Fuel your growth while giving your customers choice

Your brand deserves to look good, and your customers deserve a painless shopping experience. We’ve got your back.

Dotter for Website

Incorporating Dotter’s Where to Buy technology is fast, efficient and easy

Choose the Digital Shelf solution that meets your needs, whether that’s a Widget to support existing product pages or launching a whole new “virtual store” on your website.

Display any combination of your on and offline retail partners with real-time price, promotional information and availability displayed, then add in supporting content such as images, reviews and voucher codes.

Set up in seconds, and deployed with no need for IT systems integration, it couldn’t be easier.

Opt-in to our dynamic personalisation platform - automatically customise the view for every single consumer engagement for maximum effect. Guarantee every shopper gets the information they’re looking for along with a seamless link to purchase, without competitive distraction or delay.

Then take advantage of our XCB analytics dashboard to understand and optimise end-to-end effectiveness from source, through brand engagement, to retail action.

Dotter for Social

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Snapchat

Make your investment into 3rd party social platforms work harder and smarter

Integrate purchase information, including links to buy, latest deals and directions to nearest open retail partner.

Channel shoppers to their preferred purchase option and increase both online and offline shopper intent & conversion.

Use Dotter’s XCB analytics dashboard to monitor realtime engagement and drill into exactly what’s working - combining retailer, shopper, product and media performance presented in a way that enables you to easily action and optimise your activity on the fly.

Dotter for Video

Revolutionise your video campaigns with dynamic, personalised shopping links

We partner with the largest independent global video platform, Innovid, that empowers brands, agencies, and publishers to customise and deliver high-performance advertising across all screens from mobile devices to connected TV.

Integrate Where to Buy and Buy Now buttons into all video content, and significantly increase engagement rates and dwell times, reduce cost per engagement and deliver high quality, qualified shopper leads to your retail partners, on and offline.

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Dotter for Display

Turn suspects to prospects to sales by linking multi-retailer, multi-product, virtual storefronts

Automatically personalise the shopper experience based on multiple factors - device, SKU, time of day, current retailer availability and promotions, etc. Deliver content that is specifically targeted to moving each individual down the purchase funnel.

Set up split-tests to understand how different creatives, publishers, retail partners etc perform, then optimise throughout your campaigns to make your marketing investment work harder.

Dotter for Email

Enhance your CRM campaigns by incorporating Buy Now links

Customise the shopping experience to match the email creative. Choose unique retail and product combinations that best meet your campaign objectives, retailer partnerships, etc.

Not sure which SKUs and retailers to include? Setting up split tests that automatically allocate content based on consumer engagement couldn’t be easier.