Dotter for Social

Make your investment into third party social platforms work harder and smarter with Campaign Shops.

With a click or a swipe, consumers can instantly discover the purchase content that matters to them, without needing to navigate away from the social app they are engaging with. An in-app shopping experience that perfectly matches:

The creative
Ensure consistent messaging from creative - Campaign Shop. Commerce Builder dynamically inserts
  • Campaign Specific creative theming
  • Appropriate product categories / pack sizes / colours / fragrances / specific SKUs
  • Retailers by availability, in-campaign performance and/or brand priority
The campaign objectives
Evaluate campaign objectives and customise the UX towards them.
  • E-commerce
  • In-store trial
  • Subscription services
  • Product awareness
Implement social pixels to capture high value actions, and allow the social platform algorithms to optimise impressions towards those actions, and see huge uplifts instantly
  • Dwell time
  • Best performing day/week/creative/media format
  • E-commerce action
Realtime consumer demand
Use Dotter’s powerful analytics to continuously optimise UX according to campaign specific results. Always display
  • Most popular product(s)
  • Retailers based on highest lead volume, best price, promotional information, etc