True Scalability

ANY retailer,
ANYWHERE in the world

Integrated in seconds

Powered by Dotter

Dotter delivers solutions in 20+ territories and has over 6 years of experience in delivering Digital Shelf and Where to Buy tools that really move the needle

ANY digital media

Dotter has multiple solutions in place for all channels & platforms*


Via our interactive dashboard, or fully integrated into client tech stack

Flexible commercial model

To suit all budgets

Modular solutions & features

Multiple campaign types, objectives, priorities & use cases “build once, execute everywhere”

*Direct integration unless platform/channel prevents it.

An Incredibly Powerful, Flexible and Scalable “Where to Buy” Platform

Combining shopping-centric Database, CMS and Analytics Engine in one

- The only Where to Buy provider that guarantees integration with any ecommerce website, anywhere in the world, in seconds.

- Dynamic management of product data with realtime monitoring and fully automated notifications.

- Aggregate all purchase influencing content for a single, powerful tool. Advanced web scraping, API integration and managed content are all a doddle.

- Consumer tested templates with proven success, taking the pain out of UX design.

- Dynamic personalisation - optimise consumer experience on the fly, or using pre-set parameters based on precise campaign objectives.

- Automate test and learn campaigns with pre-defined goals, and let Commerce Builder manage the complexities and reporting on the results.

Multi-faceted analytics delivering actionable insights into retailer, product and media performance

Providing actionable insights to improve:

- Campaign success
- Long term digital strategy
- Retailer relationships
- Competitive position

Automated notifications for the things that matter:

- Product inventory
- Competitor promotions
- Consumer behaviour

Understand how the wide range of variables impact shopping behaviour on a campaign basis, and use the interactive dashboard to help in ongoign campaign optimisation.

Long term, build a powerful knowledge base of insights that feed into campaign planning, making sure every marketing dollar spent is delivering best bang for buck.

Unparalleled experience

Founded by marketers who truly understand the challenges of multichannel consumer engagement and shopping, we were one of the first to launch our Where to Buy solutions.

And we haven’t rested on our laurels.

The platform is in continuous development, based on constant real world data from running thousands of campaigns and managing millions of consumer interactions, with hundreds of split tests to quantify our engagement theories.

We’re big fans of testing, learning and enhancing - and we use the collective insights to advise our customers on everything from UX to placement, KPIs to testing opportunities. We have a firm eye on the consumer experience.

There’s lots of really clever technical stuff we *could* be doing, but we’re not about implementing tech just because it’s clever. We want your customers to get the best possible experience and in turn, you get the best ROI.

Dotter delivers a truly omnichannel shopping experience, giving consumers the information they seek wherever, however and whenever they engage with your brand.

Customers are expecting for you to be where they are, the moment that they want [to engage]
Zita Cassizzi - Apple

It doesn’t stop there..

Optimised for your marketing strategy and built for your success

*Inhales deeply*

Unlimited choice
Any retailer - big or small, online or offline - anywhere in the world. We’ll set them up in minutes.
Automated product management
Commerce Builder monitors your retailer inventory, so you don’t have to.
Get notifications on stock availability and promotions to optimise your retail partnerships.
Competitor monitoring
Stay ahead of the game and factor in competitor activity when analysing your success.
Templates for every occasion
Choose from multiple templates designed to meet consumer expectations in every engagement situation.
Dedicated account management
Supporting you and ensuring minimal resource with maximum results.
Highly Configurable
Create the perfect UX for your specific needs.
Realtime personalisation platform based on pre-defined parameters or precise consumer use case.
Tech Support
24/7 support and published documentation to make implementation easy.
Test & Learn
Got a theory? A question to answer? Set up split tests in moments and gather unrivalled insights.
Multi-campaign Support
Dynamic creation of content to match individual creatives, media types or retail strategies.
Third party APIs
Vouchers, reviews, social streaming, videos - everything that influences a shopper purchase decision in one place.