Dotter for Video

Revolutionise your video campaigns with dynamic, personalised shopping links

Integrate Shoppable buttons into all video content for immediate, measurable ROI and improved customer experience

  • Significantly increase engagement rates
  • Double or more dwell times
  • Reduce CPE by as much as 60%
  • Deliver high quality, qualified shopper leads to your retail partners, on and offline
Make all types of video content shoppable
Fully interactive Campaign Shops integrated directly into the video ad unit, enabling consumers to engage with the full range of Dotter Shoppable solutions

Bring on screen text to life with dynamic CTA powered by Commerce Builder, then drive to a Campaign Shop personalised for each ad placement/CTA combination for maximum engagement
Front end flexibility powered by our advanced back end tech
  • Utilise a highly configurable Dotter template for fast, efficient integration into any VPAID or VAST format
  • Request data feeds and allow your dynamic creative partner of choice to manage front end design and build
  • Leverage Dotter’s global partnership with Innovid, the world’s largest independent video platform, and harness the power that two world leading technology partners can provide
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