Glenfiddich GRAND CRU: Father's Day Case Study


For Father’s Day 2020, Glenfiddich ran a 4-week campaign across Facebook promoting their premium Grand Cru whisky. For this activity, Dotter was appointed as the technology provider to build a dedicated Campaign Shop, managing the end-to-end build and creative theming. The Campaign Shop featured 10 retailers with live price, promotion, availability information and quick links to purchase. By utilising Dotter’s advanced technology, it was an opportunity for the Glenfiddich team to:

  • Test “shoppable” ads
  • Drive high quality leads
  • Gather learnings on their consumers
  • Use the data to optimise strategy and drive maximum value


By Week 1, the campaign saw almost  76k of qualified leads transferred to retailer websites along with an average dwell time of 1 minute 18 seconds, suggesting users spent time absorbing all of the live purchase information in the Dotter application.

Through the Dotter reporting and analytics, the Glenfiddich team were able to understand which creatives and retailers drove the highest number of interactions and e-commerce leads. Here are some key findings from the campaign:

  • Of those who engaged with the Campaign Shop for 5+ seconds, 62% clicked out to a retailer website.
  • Creative comparison was invaluable in identifying the most likely to drive shopper actions, with a 20% higher exit rate in one case.
  • Dwell time for the same creative was 43% higher.
  • In the 4-week period, the Dotter Campaign Shop provided nearly 521 hours of earned consumer shopping time!



"We were looking for a solution to enable us to drive CTA across SoMe/Site, whilst providing our teams with rich data/insight, in a bid to optimise path to purchase. Dotter is a real win for us, our retail customers & our shoppers and has rapidly became an invaluable asset for our brand/digital team. Big kudos to Dotter for their adaptability & expertise.”

Liam Platts, (eCommerce & Digital Customer Marketing Manager)
William Grant & Sons UK Ltd

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