Meatless Farm Co - Case Study

December 20, 2019


Meatless Farm Co is a British company that has developed an amazing plant-based mince, burger patty and sausage, loaded with taste and texture. They’re meat free, not taste free and the company wants to help people reduce their meat consumption by making swapping to meatless easy.

Like many companies in this sector, they are experiencing significant growth, as more people switch from meat based foods to alternatives. Along with building an impressive website, the company was looking for a way to provide their customers with information on where to buy their products, online and in store.

With an ever-expanding distribution network, they set out to find the best solution to provide a clear path to purchase for their customers, from their website to the point of purchase. After researching various alternatives, they chose to team up with Dotter to provide this solution.

The Dotter Solution

It was clearly imperative to get the consumer experience right, and to provide a solution that not only gave users a new way to shop for their products, but also to give their landing destination for the brand’s digital activity an  ecommerce focus.

With a bespoke application, focused on Meatless Farm Co’s product range, Dotter has provided the company with a solution to drive both online sales and footfall to their selected retail partners.

Meatless Farm Co have also benefited from Dotter’s service through:


A quick and easy implementation

Delivering the first iteration of the solution one week after sign off, making additions along the way as and when the brand expands their retailer portfolio.


International roll out

Supporting additional markets, starting with the US and Canada, with the option to add any online retailer, anywhere in the world, quickly to their platform.


Insights and analytics

Dotter provides regular insights into how the application is supercharging conversion rates and making their digital media investment work harder and smarter.

Early Results

Meatless Farm Co are able to understand every step of every consumer purchase journey from first brand engagement through to sale, as well as measure the performance of retailers and products, analysing the sales leads generated from branded content through to conversion.  

Being able to drill down on user and campaign insights gives the brand the tools to understand how shoppers are accessing and engaging across different platforms and devices.

The solution demonstrably drives high rates of interaction averaging 63%, and in the first month has provided nearly 40hours of earned purchase influencing time.