Method Shoppable Social Campaign

June 9, 2020


Method are the ‘people against dirty’ - on a mission to inspire a happy, healthy home revolution, they’re cleaning up Britain one dust bunny at a time. With a range of plant-based cleaning products that they believe should smell like cucumbers + flowers, not chemicals, method’s ethos was born from a desire to tackle grease + grime all the while being committed to making the planet, and our homes, a cleaner place.

From all-purpose cleaning sprays, to foaming hand washes; laundry liquids, to speciality cleaners for natural stone, granite + stainless steel, the method range smells like heaven + always cleans like heck.

In August 2019, method embraced a new kind of fight, one aimed at tackling gender stereotypes, in the home and ultimately wider society. They collaborated with seven of the UK’s hottest drag artists + LGBT Foundation to create a conversation about creativity, self-expression + fighting dirty behaviour, and teamed up with Dotter with the hopes of understanding how their consumers came on the journey with them. Dotter provided method a new opportunity to understand more about their users’ shopping behaviours online, while providing them the information of where to find their products in-store, all in one convenient location.

Find out more about method here:

Dotter Solution

During scoping stage, method had set some clear requirements and objectives:

  • Shoppers should be directed to a focused destination where all the information is provided in one place.
  • Delivering shopper choice is key and supporting all consumers, regardless of their preferred shopping method or retailer.
  • Testing two theories:
    1. Are consumer habits affected by retailer positioning?
    2. Does a lower price point have any influence on the volume of clicks?

Taking everything on board, Dotter built a dedicated Campaign Shop for method to support the Drag Cleans/Home Range campaign. The Campaign Shop included a Dotter application consisting of:

  • Where to Buy (supporting on and offline shoppers with price, promotion and availability information)
  • Store Locator (supporting “ROPO” shoppers with detailed local availability and mapping info)

With the campaign running across Instagram and Facebook, the method team leveraged the CTA functionality within each platform to launch them such as "Swipe Up", “Shop Now”. Meaning that the consumer experience felt very much integrated.

Whilst a very simple Campaign Shop, it was perfectly suited to the creative; and behind the scenes was well executed using our dynamic campaign optimisation so that the "orange" creative landed on the "orange" product, "green" on the "green".

To address the two theories, a split test was set up by using two different feeds across the campaign:

  • Feed 1 was set up so that Amazon was displayed at the top of the retailer list at all times.
  • Feed 2 was set up so that Tesco was displayed at the top of the retailer list at all times with the other retailers listed in the following order: Sainsburys, Waitrose, Ocado, Amazon, Morrisons.

The impression split for these feeds were set up as 50/50 across Facebook and Instagram.


Overall, through the Dotter reporting and analytics, the method team were able to gain a better understanding of which platform, creatives, retailers and products drove the highest number of interactions and e-commerce leads.

In addition to this, Dotter provided further insight to the method team on shopper demographics, interests, and behaviour - i.e. which device types had the highest volume of traffic, popular times and days for engagement.

Some of the key findings were:

  • 12% of consumers chose to spend well over a minute looking at purchase information through Dotter's application, representing 71+ hours of "shopping time".
  • Results indicated that price & retailer positioning are indeed important factors - though not ubiquitously as was theorised.

The above is just a snippet of what we discovered about method’s consumers during this campaign cycle!


The method team have kindly shared some feedback from their experience working with Dotter:

“Once we supplied Dotter with the assets, the Campaign Shop was up and live within a week! It was a very smooth, quick and easy set-up.”

“I found the team very friendly and approachable. They were extremely responsive throughout the campaign.”

“The self-service reporting dashboard was straightforward to use and provided us with the relevant insights and analytics.”