Remarketing For Brands That Don’t Sell D2C

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is traditionally used by retailers and those that sell direct to consumer (D2C), however it also presents fantastic opportunities for brands.

Often referred to as retargeting, remarketing is the process of creating personalised advertising campaigns for those who have previously visited a site. It involves reaching out to a consumer that is already aware of a product or brand and taking them through the conversion funnel by presenting them with relevant information.

To demonstrate the success of remarketing, there is a 70% chance that a consumer will purchase a brand’s product over a competitor’s when they see a retargeting advert.

It is done by tagging users with a cookie when they visit a specific page or link, enabling businesses to present them with relevant marketing content in the future. Retargeting can also take place on the platform that consumers are interacting on, whether it’s on a website, on a social media channel, or by email.

This method of recapturing people’s attention works to increase conversions and recover abandoned purchases. By tapping into people’s initial interest to tempt them into buying, ad retargeting brings back 26% of lost consumers to finalise a sale.

The challenge for brands

Most brands are able to tell when a consumer has visited their website, but their inability to track consumers’ actions and create relevant messaging means there are limited uses of this data.

Unless brands are able to capture relevant data, such as the products that a consumer has viewed, the content they clicked to expand, or the media that they engaged with, brands are unable to create relevant messaging.

The opportunity for brands

There is now the opportunity for brands that don’t sell direct to consumer, to benefit from remarketing strategies.

Using in-depth analytics, brands can understand which pages and products consumers have visited, analysing preferences and purchase behaviour. This information can then be used to create effective, targeted remarketing.

Traditionally, a consumer may find a brand’s social media channel or website, learn a little more information about their products and then leave, with a vague understanding of their offering. By knowing which products they were looking at, brands can give consumers all the information they need to secure a purchase.

As an example, once a brand is aware that the consumer has browsed their range of drinks, they could share promotional information, as well as listing the nearest retailers that stock the drink and any other relevant information. Utilising remarketing in this way enables brands to encourage purchases while keeping consumers engaged on their preferred platforms.

Benefits of remarketing

Personalised experience

Brands can create a personalised journey, making consumers feel valued while viewing relevant products and messaging. It can work to show consumers items that you know they are interested in, as opposed to losing their interest through uninformed recommendations.

Reinforced brand positioning

Consumers see between 4,000 to 10,000 adverts every day, making it vital for brands to retain people’s attention once they have captured it. Remarketing can help specific products to remain in consumers’ minds for longer periods of time, working to build trust and appeal.

Higher engagement

Consumers are more likely to interact with retargeting campaigns, with the click-through rate (CTR) of retargeted advertising being 10 times higher than a typical display advert.

Increased conversions

Strategic remarketing means that brands can promote themselves in ways that work. This keeps users engaged and increases the likelihood of them making a purchase, whether it’s online or offline, immediately, or in the future.

How Dotter can help

Combining Dotter’s Where to Buy solutions with the detailed analytics they deliver, and appropriate third party pixel inclusion, Dotter creates highly focused retargeting opportunities for brands, tapping into consumers’ preferences and previous engagement activity to increase conversions and grow sales.

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Author: Holly Worthington