Where To Buy Grows Online And Offline Sales

Where to Buy solutions are located online, however they bring many more benefits than just ecommerce, meeting wide-ranging consumer preferences and working to grow sales both online and offline.

One of the most common misconceptions about Where to Buy solutions, is the idea that because they are found online, that they only bring benefits for those selling online.

In reality, Where to Buy is about so much more than ecommerce. It closes the gap between online and offline research and retail, creating an opportunity for brands to grow awareness, reputation and sales.

Rise of the informed consumer

Today’s consumers like to be informed and educated, requiring brands to work hard to explain exactly why people should purchase from them instead of a competitor. Designing a customer experience that caters to all shoppers is a challenge that many brands face, but this is the key to overtaking competitors.

Where to Buy solutions are able to give consumers all of the information that they seek, in order to increase the likelihood of them making a purchase in a way that is convenient for them. For many internet users, this is through offline channels.

Online solutions make offline sales

While Where to Buy solutions work to capture an online audience and prompt ecommerce orders, they also work as an offline sales tool.

The number of people who look for Where to Buy information is increasing, with 82% of smartphone users carrying out research on a mobile device before purchasing in store. A large percentage of the online audience does not intend to purchase online, instead using the Where to Buy solution for research purposes.

Highlighting the importance of providing information online to facilitate offline purchases, 87% of product searches begin on digital channels before individuals go in store to purchase. This process is often referred to as Research Online, Buy Offline, or ROBO. Typically, this is to find more in-depth information about a product, carry out price comparison research and find local retailers that stock the product.

Brands with a Where to Buy solution are able to provide consumers with all of the information that they need to make a purchase offline, helping consumers to stay engaged and see the product as desirable, while stating the retailers that the item can be bought from.

This approach has been proven to create a positive customer experience, regardless of whether the shopper prefers to purchase online or go in store to buy.

Measuring ROI

A common question brands have when talking about Where to Buy solutions is how they can measure return on investment (ROI). With at least a portion of online sales being measurable, offline impact can be near-impossible to quantify. This means that the return on investment, can in fact, be far greater than the measurable results.

This challenge is a positive aspect of Where to Buy, as you are able to measure the impact online and there is an additional offline impact that can be enjoyed, whether it is easily measurable or not.

Long-term benefits

Where to Buy solutions can create long-term sales. Once a consumer knows the retailers that stock a brand’s product, while they may not purchase immediately, they are more likely to buy it in the future. Consumers are often surprised to find that a product they are interested in is actually stocked in a store that they regularly visit; another problem solved by a Where to Buy solution.

How Dotter can help

Dotter is able to implement Where to Buy solutions that can help brands to increase sales, both online and offline. To speak to the Dotter team about designing a Where to Buy solution for your brand, contact us on theteam@dotter.me.