Where To Buy... Who Owns It?

Where to Buy solutions feature online and offline purchase options, living on digital content across paid, owned and earned. This means that the task of determining who ‘owns’ Where to Buy is a challenging one, since there are so many touchpoints.

The main benefit of a Where to Buy solution is that it can work to facilitate customers’ preferences, aggregating multiple sources of information to create a multi-retailer, omnichannel, digital storefront. In turn, this can be deployed across multiple types of content, ensuring ease of discovery and engagement with shopping information for consumers.

To get the best out of Where to Buy, there are many potential touchpoints within both client organisations and their various partners:

  • Brand
  • Digital
  • Marketing
  • Shopper marketing
  • Retail account
  • Ecommerce
  • Media agencies
  • Creative agencies
  • Digital and web agencies

There is no one correct answer, however we can say that in the most successful cases, we see a joined up approach with a nominated individual (most typically within the client) taking ownership of the process.

Why brands require a unified strategy

By combining different teams’ strengths, brands are able to create a Where to Buy solution that brings consumers, brands and shopping options to the places that people like to engage online.

With so many different individuals playing parts in designing a successful Where to Buy solution, brands can benefit enormously from combining everybody’s expertise to create a consumer-friendly strategy. In some cases, this can mean it is difficult to determine which person should take the lead, however the benefits outweigh the challenges by far.

It’s vital to remember that with a Where to Buy strategy, it may not be possible to solely place responsibility on one individual or department. In fact, the most successful Where to Buy solutions span all teams, ensuring the best consumer experience and the best ROI, with the wide variety of insights delivered to the appropriate people to capitalise on them.

When implemented properly, a Where to Buy solution holds the potential to grow sales, highlight convenient methods of shopping for consumers and even work as a basket abandonment tool, depending on the brand’s preferences.

How Dotter can help

Dotter is able to join the dots between consumers, the brands they love and the retailers who sell those products. By placing the consumer experience at the heart of any activity, typically everything else will follow.

To speak to the Dotter team about creating a Where to Buy solution that meets your objectives, contact us on theteam@dotter.me.

Author: Holly Worthington